Budgeting with Financial Challenges

“I’m not gonna lie. I had so much debt I was like how is budgeting going to help? But now that I have a job, it’s really helping me get control of my finances. And it will get better as I make more money. Rather than just spending that extra money on frivolous stuff, I’ll put it to good use.”
Graham, Miami

A budget works best when you are receiving a regular, reliable income. In the employment & career section of this website, we offer resources to increase your training and skills to help you find a job. There are times in life where you may find yourself without a regular, reliable income When life strikes, you downshift to a “bare-bones” or emergency budget until you are back on your feet again and have a regular income. In the Help section of this website, we will show you how to make an emergency budget and we also handle responding to financial challenges in that section.

The budgeting process in this section assumes you receive regular, reliable income. Even if you are not there yet, you may want to go through to prepare for when you have a steady income.

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