Debt Warning Signs


“I remember putting off the problem. And that didn’t help anything. What’s that saying, ‘90% of a problem is knowing you have one.’ That was true for me. So much less stress when I decided to do something about my debt.”
Amanda, Los Angeles
  • You spend more than you make
  • Your credit card balances (debt) is rising
  • You are only making minimum payments on credit cards
  • You are choosing the longest term (amount of time) to pay back a loan
  • You have taken out a payday loan
  • You take out cash advances
  • You have maxed out a credit card
  • You don’t know how much money you owe
  • You are not opening your mail
  • You are receiving collection phone calls
  • You are living off your credit cards
  • Your seeking new credit card offers
  • You are paying off debt with debt
  • You owe more on your house than what it’s worth
  • You owe more on your vehicle than what it’s worth
  • You’re listening to the credit counseling ads
  • You’ve been denied credit or a loan
  • You missed payments
  • You argue about money with your partner
  • You are stressed about money all the time

No matter your situation, you have options and you can take action now.

Assess your debt with the debt list.

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