Check Yourself

How many of these questions can you answer “yes”?

I have a regular, steady income
I am living within my means. In other words, I do not spend more than I make.
I am paying off my student loan debt and I know the longer I take to pay it off, the more it will cost me.
I do not have any credit card or payday loan debt.
I have an emergency fund of $500 to $1,000 saved for unexpected expenses.
I have proper money balance between needs, wants, and savings.
I am properly protected with adequate insurance
I have a financial plan that includes saving money for retirement and financial goals.
I make sure any big ticket purchases such as a house or car or loan will not upset my balanced financial situation and leave me saddled with debt.

This website will provide information, guidance, resources, and referrals for you to achieve these goals.

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